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Cod Liver Oil | Essential Fatty Acids | EFA | Fish | DietPotencies of Cod Liver Oil vary between capsules, bottled oil and high dise capsules, but if you can face it the best thing is to take the traditional oil. Mixed with either milk or orange juice it does not taste too bad! Oil taken straight has a higher Omega-3 content than capsules, or alternatively you can try one of the orange or lemon flavoured varieties of bottled oil that are now widely available.

The suggested intake of Omega-3 long chain polyunsaturates is one gram a day. You can make this up in either capsules or liquid. if you are taking capsules look for ones which say "pure fish oil" on the packaging as this means the oil has not been chemically processed and the basic construction of the Omega-3 has been preserved.

Adults and Children over One year

Most experts recommend a maximum dose of 10ml (2tsp) although some think you should take as much as 20ml (1tbsp).

Arthritis or Psoriasis

You may also need to take 10ml a day.

To reduce the risk of a second heart attack

Take at least 3ml of fish oil daily.

Pregnant and Breastfeeding women

Take 10-15ml (2-3tsp) a day.

Babies 0-6 months

1/2 tsp a day.

Babies 7-12 months

1tsp a day.

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